Malaysia Is A Great Place For Indonesians And Foreigners Alike To Visit Or Live, Here’s Why

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Malaysia, New York of Asia, often has its reputation preceding it due to its rich culture, history, entertainment, and livability. In the midst of all the city lights and glamor, it is no doubt home for everyone familiar and non familiar alike. With this being said, it is absolutely comfortable for Indonesians to trailblaze the country as it provides a lot of benefits to outsiders.

One of the said benefits is how economically good Malaysia is, constantly brimming with the potential to grow any businesses keen enough in the market. In 2022, a whopping 93% of mid-market enterprises (MMEs) in Malaysia are optimistic, growing exponentially. On top of that, in 2021, Malaysia also boasts its source for palm oil, which takes up 5.1% of they’re main exports. The highest being electronic products. In 2023, Malaysia’s GDP growth and stability make it an attractive destination for business investments. Its living affordability is also definitely something to take notice of.

On top of that, Malaysia harbors many fresh experiences for us, many of them varying from the cultural uniqueness all the way to the adrenaline inducing activities. Your journey could start out with street food such as Chee Cheong Fun, Apam Balik, and Roti Canai. Next thing you know, you could be screaming your lungs out on the roller coaster in Berjaya Times Square. Itching to feed your curiosity? Head to Petrosains! Widely known to educate children and adults alike in an interesting way, you’re sure to keep your eyes wide open to never miss the details! I’m just barely scratching the surface, and it is one of the main reasons why Malaysia attracts many foreigners to come to this country.

Not only that, Malaysia also holds one of the top 100 universities in the world! Performance speaks for itself when feats like this are achieved, and it is no doubt many of Malaysia’s prominent figures are forged here, in none other than University Malaya. Possessing the best education and world class experience facilities there is in the country, it is no wonder that many of today’s youth have their eyes set out on this uni. Point being, limitation is non-existent academically, thus opening new doors for us with aspiring goals, we, the future generation of Indonesia.

Last but definitely not least, Malaysia’s also known for its extreme friendliness towards foreigners. I kid you not, it is ranked 2nd in the list of Asia’s top 5 friendliest countries. Due to this being a fact, it is no wonder that there are 8,000,000 – 10,000,000 Indonesians currently calling Malaysia their home!

With all of this wrapped up, Malaysia is the ideal country whether you decide to explore or live there, the choice is yours! If you do wish to go there, may you make great core memories forever etched in your mind. Malaysia is overall one of, if not, the best countries to live in Asia for its highly sought out living qualities. The same can be said for Indonesia.

Written By : Sean Audivi Darian